Saturday, 21 April 2012

Raider of the Lost Block...

As you may have read in my previous entry, I hosted an "Australian Drink-About" featuring wines I 'discovered' on my trip Down Under in February. Among these wines was a Hunter Valley Semillon from Tyrell's, labelled "Lost Block." The name comes from a certain vineyard that viticulturalists forgot about at harvest. By the time they remembered the block was not harvested, the longer "hang-time" on the vines created a wine slightly higher in sugar levels, and so the idea of a slightly fruitier Semillon was born.
Knowing this wine was in my line-up but unable to attend the event, one of my staff went left work for a quiet evening at home before opening the next day. With not much on the tele that night, he stumbled across an airing of the third installment of "Raiders of the Lost Arc" series (ie. the one with Sean Connery. I can't think of the subtitle, but I remember it had something to do with a quest for the Holy Grail, but that sounds too Monty Python-ish to be right...). 
After watching the tales of one Indiana Jones, teacher-by-day, drinker-by-night, quester-by-vacation time, said staff went to bed. As he trailed off to sleep, a sudden thought occured to him: "Egad! I work for the Indiana Jones of Wine!"
The logic of said thought, so I'm told, is as follows: I have my day job as Manager of a wine shop. By night (sometimes), I teach eager students and consumers on the ways of the wine world. Should a vacation present itself, I'm off to a far-flung corner of the world discovering new regions and bringing back treasured relics and rarities that rest collecting dust as museum artifacts in my cellar. That one of these is a "Lost Block" is but the lynch-pin in the thought process.
I am none but humbled that someone would think of me as an Indiana Jones of Wine (I don't wear Stetsons; the only whips I crack are on lazy staff, not on lazy-eyed marauders; I never named our dogs "Indiana"...). Suffice to say that the most adventurous thing that has happened to me on my wine travels is having the chain of my rented bicycle in Tokaj (Hungary) snap in half 15km from where it was rented, and having to walk said bicyle 3km to the nearest, non-anything-but-Hungarian-speaking village for help. The hardship of this tale ends with being welcomed at Chateau Dereszla where not only did they call for a new bicycle but take me on a tour of the cellars and offer multiple shots of sumptious wines.
Nonetheless, I think I like the image of being a structured businessman by day/world-savvy adventurer by night kind-of-guy. I would have to work on a name, though; Indiana is just too mid-western, so suggestions are most welcome.
Da-da-da-daaaaa, da-da-daaaaaaa.....

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