Saturday, 7 January 2012


My New Year's Resolution is to start a blog.  For years, family and friends have been reading emails that highlight the unique and obscure incidents that have helped define my life. I've even been told that I should wear a "dave-cam" to try and capture some of these bizarre incidents; stumbling upon 100 naked New Zealand protesters in the shape of a peace sign is one such incident that comes to mind (then again, viewers of that "dave-cam" may not necessarily be my target audience).

Now that I am more settled in a career in the wine, beer, and spirits industry (a natural calling, some may say), I've decided that this blog would be a great media to share with you (yes, you!) my thoughts that very loosely tie in my experiences with wine, travel, and food. No doubt, these blogs will sometimes be updated whilst consuming a beverage or two, so be sure you read these with a glass of something in your hand too!  Surprisingly, I am writing this with a simple coffee in hand; stay tuned and that coffee may turn Irish (whisky), Spanish (brandy), Italian (grappa), Mexican (kahlua), or even "Alsatian" (marc de gewurztraminer). This latter spirit is one I discovered in Alsace last year made from the distilled skins of Gewurztraminer grapes. Floral and fruity, it yummy goes quite well with coffee and cream, or just on its own. Currently, there is only a little left of Domaines Schlumberger I brought back with me, so it is used only sparingly.

FYI: I've just discovered that like shopping when you're hungry, writing about alcohol will lead to sampling.


  1. I wonder if the Dubai Duty Free stocks that Gewurztraminer spirit, because that sounds excellent. If not, will just have to someday travel to Alsace for a try.

    Nice blog!

  2. Great idea, Dave. I'll look forward to reading this! Happy New Year to you!